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Image: Novectacle

Novectacle, the creator of The House in Fata Morgana — the game that was once the proud owner of a perfect Metacritic score — has announced its next project, and while we don't have many details, we are thoroughly on board for more murder mystery on the Switch.

Titled Project Code Name “M” — or just "M"? — the game calls itself a "Killing and Solving, Detective Adventure Game" over on its official website. All we've got to go on, for now, is this stylish site, a few screenshots, and a teaser trailer that gives us a bit more of an insight into what is bound to be an enthralling experience. Have a watch for yourself:

A mystery adventure game in which the player investigates a serial murder case from two different eyes — the killer and the sleuths who work in the body disposal business. The game takes place in modern Japan in downtown Tokyo such as Asakusa and Yoshiwara and involves the Japanese underworld.

There are two parts to Project Code Name "M" — a "Murder Part" where you have to create the perfect crime, and a "Detective Part" that involves you interviewing people and investigating the crime. there's also one named character in the trailer — Marianne. Will she be the victim? The criminal? The investigator. You can never count on any guesses with these games.

Given the plaudits The House in Fata Morgana deservedly got — and you can check out our diary series on the game from last year to see what the fuss is about — many are understandably excited about Novectacle's next game.

Let us know what you think of Project Code Name "M" in the comments!

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