Kirby And The Forgotten Land Switch Case
Image: Nintendo Life / Gemma Smith

Kirby and the Forgotten Land has set a number of records since it crashed onto our Switch's on its delightful warp star of adorableness. It marked the franchise's biggest launch in the UK ever, and it was the third best-selling game of March in the US.

Now, in another equally amazing result, Nintendo has confirmed that Kirby's latest adventure sold over 2.1 million units in just two weeks and has sold over 2.65 million copies to date. This was revealed as part of the company's latest financial report.

Kirby's other Switch outing — Kirby Star Allies — sold 2.56 million copies by March 2019, a whole year after the game came out. The 2018 side-scroller currently sits at over 3.42 million sales, so it seems likely that Kirby's apocalyptic adventure is going to overtake its predecessor.

Kirby has never been a big seller for Nintendo, but these figures are very encouraging. Switch fever, combined with a quality 3D platformer, has really helped boost this game. So much so that it's actually now the fourth best-selling entry in the series, which is might impressive for only being out for over a month. DS remake Kirby Super Star Ultra is just ahead of it at round 3 million, followed Kirby Star Allies, but the best-selling game is still Kirby's Dream Land, the very first game in the series.

The Game Boy game sits at around double the number of sales compared to the most recent entry, at around 5.13 million. But we're talking about a game that's 30 years old — can Kirby and the Forgotten Land break the biggest Kirby record going and become the best-selling game in the series? If Metroid Dread can harness Switch-mania and become the best-selling entry in the Metroid series ever, we think Kirby can do the same.

Let us know what you think of Kirby's sales figures and whether you think the newest entry will become the best-selling in the franchise in the comments!

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