Update [Wed 13th Apr, 2022 06:00 BST]: Don't Starve Together is now officially available on the Nintendo Switch. As part of this, owners of the original game can get a 60% discount on the second title. This offer is available until 26th April, so act fast.

Original [Fri 1st Apr, 2022 02:05 BST]: The Don't Starve multiplayer follow-up Don't Starve Together has finally been given a release date for the Nintendo Switch. It'll be arriving this month on 12th April 2022.

Klei Entertainment also used this moment as an opportunity to discuss the shared unlock feature - which allows players to share their unlocked skins, drops, characters, and more across participating platforms.

Here's a bit more information about how shared unlocks will work, courtesy of Klei Entertainment's website:

"We'll have more details as this is released, but when players get drops, these drops are granted to your Klei Account and that's what you have in-game. Soon, you will be able to merge multiple platform accounts onto a single Klei Account and seamlessly use your items on everything connected. This includes crockpot recipes, plant registry, item skins and characters that you gained through drops including woven characters and skins. Bolts (Premium Currency) cannot be shared between platforms."

Unfortunately, this doesn't mean crossplay will necessarily be coming to the game any time soon. While crossplay is something the team would "love to do" it's not possible at this point in time.

Don't Starve Together

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