Andy Yates
Image: Andy Yates

Andy Yates, a veteran of Nintendo UK, has announced his retirement. Yates started working for Nintendo in 1996 and has held various roles within the company during the 26 years he's been there for.

Initially working as the Exclusive Nintendo Distributor at THE Games, who held official distribution rights for Nintendo in UK and Ireland. He then became Head of Trade Marketing in 2001 for four years, before becoming the Sales Director at Nintendo for a whopping 13 years! Then, in 2018, Yates was promoted to deputy general manager while also still leading the company's sales efforts.

It's safe to say that his retirement is well-deserved! And it sounds like Yates has plans for the coming years too, which he shared in a heartfelt message on his LinkedIn:

"I feel so lucky to have worked for Nintendo which is a wonderful company and I shall miss the video games industry enormously. I would like to thank all my colleagues, customers, agencies, friends and adversaries whom I have worked with over the years and I wish everyone good health and success for the future. My new office will be my local golf club, where I hope to concentrate on lowering my playing handicap so please wish me good luck. 'Stay safe everyone' and I hope our paths cross again someday."

We will absolutely be wishing you the best of luck on the fairway, Yates! Perhaps you can make time for a spot of Mario Golf: Super Rush when you're at home?