Publisher Fantastico Studio has announced that they will be bringing Team SolEtude's indie narrative game A Sketchbook About Her Sun to Switch on 15th April.

The unique part of this beautiful-looking story is that it's inspired by the album 'Planet X' by Red Ribbon. Each of the album's 11 songs is represented in the game, which is split into 11 segments. It's almost like a concept video or movie for an album!

Confused about her feelings for someone, Lucia, the main character, decides to flee from her city and wanders through a smaller town where she’s never been, searching for herself while still tormented by the thought of the person she’s attracted to.

The project is an interactive experience divided into 11 segments, each corresponding to a song from Red Ribbon’s album “Planet X”.

Lose yourself into Lucia’s mindscape, divided between her thoughts, drawings and music she’s listening to through her journey to re-discover her own self.

- A narrative shaped around Red Ribbon’s “Planet X” album;
- An interactive stream of consciousness developed by the choices made during each scene;
- A mixture of comics, animation, and interactive fiction elements
- A short and replayable story.

The game mixes a handful of visual styles together to create a living sketchbook kind of experience, as though you're drawing out your thoughts and memories as you're playing through the story. It's simple and effective, and the perfect thing to play with a cup of tea.

A Sketchbook About Her Sun will cost $4.99 when it drops on the eShop on 15th April. Will you be picking this up? Let us know!