Chess is the worst board game. It doesn't have cute player tokens like Monopoly, it doesn't have fun moving parts like Mouse Trap, and if you take chess to a cool party, everyone will call you a nerd and a dork and then they will play Dixit without you.

The only good thing about chess is when people reinvent it to make it better, like in Defend The Rook, a roguelike tactical tower defense game with story and characters and magic.

Set on a chess board, Defend The Rook is all about protecting the Rook "at all costs" — it's the tower in the tower defense — and you'll be able to cast spells, place traps, and lay down barriers to stop the invading forces from destroying the Rook, which represents the realm's life essence.

Defend The Rook will come to the Nintendo eShop on April 14th.