Ratalaika Games keeps busy with budget releases on the Switch eShop, and the next on the way is from Brazilian developer Asterstic Game Studio. Dandy & Randy DX arrives this week on 29th April priced at $6.99USD / €6,99, and promises top-down adventure puzzling with a retro vibe.

As you can see in the trailer it has some energetic chiptune and colourful art, with the idea being that you're exploring a distant land to find riches (your character is a plucky archaeologist that's battling debt). Though, as you can tell, the plot is less important than the fact you're alternating between characters, getting around with various abilities and tackling pirate foes like 'Otto the Octopus' and 'Bruno the Bear'.

Grab goodies like a boomerang that allows the players to stun enemies and can also be used to grab health pickups and coins from afar. Find a hammer to break stones, allowing the players to find more money and open up paths. Hookshot - With a hookshot the players are able to cross dangerous swamp areas. Best of all running shoes makes the players run faster, helping avoid dangerous situations and solve quick puzzles. So much to do so look out!

It looks like it could be good fun - let us know what you think, as always, in the comments.