The PlayStation Vita turned 10 years old last December, and while Sony is mostly done with the system, its legacy lives on.

It stretches a bit further than you might expect as well - with the Nintendo Switch and PS Vita homebrew scenes making a new breakthrough (credit - xerpi) that allows PlayStation Vita and its executables to run natively on the Nintendo Switch.

In MVG's words, there are "no tricks and no emulation". He's even tested it out in the video above to give you a better idea of what it's all about. To reiterate "this is the real deal", and as it's not emulation, it means Switch has "more than enough horsepower" to run PS Vita apps and take advantage of the Switch CPU and GPU power, to in "theory" provide an "outstanding Vita experience".

Of course, it's all just a "proof-of-concept" right now and there are no commercial games running on this just yet. It's still in the very early stages and there are also some barriers to overcome, but it does seem promising.

Here are MVG's final thoughts about what the future may hold for the 'vita2hos' homebrew project:

"...Once the shader translation piece is implemented then we'll really start to see more and more homebrew apps start to open up and become playable on the Nintendo Switch. It's possible that we may start to see some commercial games start to boot. Now I'm not wanting to get too ahead of myself, this is still very much a proof-of-concept but it is exciting stuff for both Switch homebrew fans and Vita fans, and I can't wait to see what the future holds. The prospect of running PlayStation Vita commercial games on the Nintendo Switch is quite exciting..."