Fingun Lead
Image: Gamuzumi

Side-scrolling shooter Fingun is coming to Switch in 2022, courtesy of publisher Gamuzumi.

Described as "sexy and funny", the game features 14 levels of colourful, pixelated action in which you must defeat a series of giant anime girls with your 'fingun'. Saucy.

We'll be honest, looking at the screenshots, we're not seeing a whole lot that can be judged as particularly 'sexy'; hopefully, a trailer will drop soon and we'll get a bit more insight.

Here are some key features from Gamuzumi:

In a horrible tragedy, the world has been invaded by giant anime girls and their henchmen, causing mayhem everywhere.

Fortunately, you’ve got the world’s most powerful weapon, “Fingun” ready to take care of the situation. Defeat these bountiful bosses by shooting at their weaknesses!

Shoot through 14 levels, in this hilarious new touch on an arcade classic favorite.

- Beautiful arcade-inspired anime boss monsters
- 14 levels of sexy and funny mayhem
- Colourful side-scrolling shoot ‘em up action
- Unlockable gallery with HD pictures

Does Fingun look like it'll be up your street? Let us know with a comment down below.