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Image: YouTube

If you thought the Pokémon Trading Card game was huge, well... you'd be right.

However, over in South Korea, another craze is gripping the nation: Pokémon bread. Yes, forget your Kingsmill and your Hovis and whatever other sliced loaves you eat outside the United Kingdom, because Pokémon-themed bread has reportedly returned to South Korean stores in February 2022 after a long hiatus.

Priced at 1,500 won (around $1.22) a piece, each piece of bread also contains a random Pokémon sticker to collect, which are also being sold separately for at least 10 times the price of the bread.

In fact, the craze is so prevalent, that within the first week of the bread being on sale, over 1.5 million of the carb-loaded snacks had been sold. People going loco over collectable Pokémon products? Whodathunkit?

Have you been lucky enough to try the Pokémon bread? Is it even nice? Let us know!

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