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The latest Nintendo Download update for North America has arrived, and it's bringing new games galore to the eShop in your region. As always, be sure to drop a vote in our poll and comment down below with your potential picks for the week. Enjoy!

Switch eShop - Highlights

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe – Booster Course Pass Wave 1 - Double your course options with the Mario Kart 8 Deluxe – Booster Course Pass DLC!* A total of 48 remastered courses from throughout the Mario Kart series are racing to the Mario Kart 8 Deluxe game as paid DLC. Courses from the first wave include nostalgic favorites like N64 Choco Mountain and Wii Coconut Mall, and courses based on real-world locations like Tokyo Blur and Paris Promenade from Mario Kart Tour! Content will release in six waves of eight courses by the end of 2023. Racers who have an active Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack membership** will have access to all of these newly added courses as they are released at no additional cost. Mario Kart Deluxe 8 – Booster Course Pass will be available on March 18.

Rune Factory 5 (Marvelous (XSEED), 22nd Mar, $59.99) - In the sleepy border town of Rigbarth, mysterious events are unfolding, affecting the runes that govern the balance between humanity and nature. As the newest ranger for the peacekeeping organization SEED, you’ll protect Rigbarth by rounding up rowdy monsters with your official spell seal. When not on a mission, you can help the town flourish through farming, festivals and friendships! As the balance of peace begins to shift, however, it comes time to prove yourself. Team up with townsfolk and embark on a grand adventure to unravel the mystery befalling the land, and embrace your inner power to halt the descent into chaos. Rune Factory 5 will be available on March 22.

Persona 4 Arena Ultimax (SEGA, 17th Mar, $29.99) - The stakes are ultimate, the tension is maximum and the fight is ULTIMAX! Experience the latest entry into the beloved Persona 4 series with a thrilling fighting twist. Join heroes from Persona 4 and Persona 3 as they combat an army of Shadows in the P-1 CLIMAX! Who could be the one behind it all? - Read our Persona 4 Arena Ultimax review

Shredded Secrets - Step into the lives of four people at a middle school in this charming story-based 2D platformer. The lives of Isabella, Taylor, London and Oakley intersect at different points as each character faces their own complex issues. Learn their fears and face off against bullies, hurled insults, inner demons and grade monsters, and seek comfort in each character’s favorite item. Confront your biggest enemy – the worst bully or your inner self! Shredded Secrets was created by Team Sarcastic Shark Clouds, a group of middle school girls, at the 2018 Girls Make Games Seattle Summer Camp, and won Grand Prize at the 2018 Demo Day competition.

Switch eShop - New Releases

#1 Pastime Bundle (18th Mar) - Enjoy 3 great games in 1 with this bundle containing #1 Crosswords, #1 Anagrams, and #1 Sudokus.

A Place for the Unwilling (Parallel Circles, 22nd Mar, $14.99) - A branching narrative adventure set in the final 21 days of a dying city. Every decision you make will shape your surroundings, and the city’s fate. However, the clock is ticking - and the city carries on, with or without you. Speak to everyone from eerie politicians to chain-smoking child anarchists. Work as a trader, socialise, explore the town freely, and play a role in the city’s hierarchy. Combining exquisite narrative depth and exploration with a curious setup - plus a dash of Lovecraft - A Place for the Unwilling is a rich narrative experience where player choices really do count, set in a Dickensian world of colour and Eldritch nightmares.

Adios (17th Mar, $17.99) - Adios is a cinematic first-person game about sticking to a complicated decision. You're a pig farmer in Kansas. It's October. Cold, crisp mornings are the norm, and you have decided that you're no longer okay with letting the mob use your pigs to dispose of bodies. When your old friend - a hitman - arrives with his assistant to deliver another body, you finally screw up the courage to tell them that you're done

Arcade Archives QIX (HAMSTER, 10th Mar, $7.99) - "QIX" is a line-drawing puzzle game developed by TAITO AMERICA (the company's US branch) in 1981, then imported into Japan. Players control the "Marker" to draw lines, closing off and controlling areas. Avoid the hostile "QIX" and "Sparx" that roam the stage, and work to control at least 75% of the stage! he "Arcade Archives" series has faithfully reproduced many classic Arcade masterpieces. Players can change various game settings such as game difficulty, and also reproduce the atmosphere of arcade display settings at that time. Players can also compete against each other from all over the world with their high scores. Please enjoy the masterpiece that built a generation for video games. *The options menu and manual are available in Japanese, English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish.

Boxing Gym Story (Kairosoft, 17th Mar, $14.00) - Introducing a sim with real punch! Are you the manager this down-on-its-luck boxing gym needs to get back on its feet? Get the town excited about boxing, and more people will start signing up. Stand by the ringside to cheer on your boxers. You never know how a match will go until the very end! And don't forget about marketing - fans are the lifeblood of competitive sports! Rack up more wins, and you'll be able to upgrade your facilities with spa baths, high-class cafeterias, and more. Before you know it, athletes will be lining up to join you! Hire trainers and hone your boxers' skills until they're ready to take on the world! Make your gym unique by outfitting it with facilities of your choice, creating the perfect environment for fostering boxing talent. Don't give up until you get that championship belt! Enjoy all the thrills of an underdog boxing story in Kairosoft's latest management sim game! Try searching for "Kairosoft" to see all of our games! !

Bunny Memory (DillyFrame, 23rd Mar, $2.10) - The astronaut bunny sent on a journey wandered in space for so long that they completely forgot everything. Collect memory points and train your memory, helping the bunny unlock fragments of memories.

Chippy (Facepunch Studios, 23rd Mar, $19.99) - Your purpose is to eliminate all pixel-based lifeforms by breaking off their limbs and destroying their cores. Compete to be fastest on the leaderboards, watch replays from other players to learn their tricks, or team up with a friend in local co-op.

Cyber Pool (Revulo Games, 10th Mar, $4.99) - Challenge your cue ball shooting skills in Cyber Pool, an arcade neon-filled recreation of the famous billiards game. Smash your cue ball on brightly colored balls across 40 unique tables that start from vanilla and get crazier as you go. This love letter to the classic arcade games is easy to learn yet hard to master, challenging you at every turn across 6 different modes. Enjoy a blast from the past in Classic mode, where you only have three strokes to pocket all the balls and claim victory. If that’s laying the pressure on thick, you can practice and chill in Arcade mode with unlimited strokes. When you’re ready to seriously test your mettle, dive into Challenge mode and see if you can pocket the balls in order. You can also have your friends join in the fun. Team up together to clear all levels in Cooperation mode or go head-to-head in the game’s competitive Race and Battle modes.

Dark Deity (17th Mar, $24.99) - Fight back in turn-based battles, manage character relationships, collect dangerous artifacts, and hopefully restore the world torn apart by oathbreakers, warmongers, and wielders of forbidden arcane secrets.

Dawn of the Monsters (15th Mar, $29.99) - The cataclysmic battle between giant monsters has begun in this manga-inspired, side-scrolling, kaiju beat-'em-up! Titanic creatures known as Nephilim have invaded Earth, and the only hope of stopping them is DAWN (Defense Alliance Worldwide Network), which unleashes its own colossal combatants to defend against the enemy hordes! Take control of four hulking behemoths – Megadon, Aegis Prime, Tempest Galahad, and Ganira – each with distinct abilities and play styles, and smash your way through destructible real-world environments spanning more than 35 missions! Power up with DNA augments, crush foes with devastating Rage Attacks and brutal Executions, and team up with a friend for 2-player co-op action! You are the planet's last line of defense...but will that be enough for mankind to survive the Dawn of the Monsters!?

Detective Inspector: Mysterious Clues (Gametry, 10th Mar, $2.99) - This game brings in a variety of unique situations where you must spot the differences in order to identify the killer. It’s a great way to test your skills and truly push your limits in a creative and exciting manner. It’s a wonderful, unique and immersive experience that really encourages you to test yourself in a creative manner. With Detective Inspector: Mysterious Clues, every new level is a wonderful challenge and you have dozens of levels to choose from. It’s creative and immersive, and you will find yourself amazed with the results. Do you have what it takes to become a great detective?

Drag Clash Pro: Hot Rod Racing (T-Bull, 14th Mar, $7.99) - Experience amazing ¼ mile races, take part in legal Hot Rod tournaments, earn points and money for your places in completed events. Become the HOT ROD racing champion! Tuning, customization, cars (old, classic, modern, rebuilt, or modified), the sound of high engine revs, the smell of burnt tires, a reliable Drag 'nd Drive system, real physics, and amazing emotions on the tracks! Challenge the best drivers in the world!

Dual Brain Complete Edition (D-O, 10th Mar, $26.99) - All the games from Dual Brain Vol. 1~Vol. 3 are included, plus two new categories, for a total of 10 new games, making it a great value.

Gal*Gun Double Peace (PQube, 17th Mar, $39.99) - Notorious rail-shooter, Gal-Gun: Double Peace, is finally on Nintendo Switch™! When unsuspecting student, Houdai, is shot by cupid's arrows, he becomes the most irresistible guy in school. Only by using his trusty pheromone shot can he fend off the advancing hordes of girls and find his true love! Outrageously colourful and hilariously lewd, Gal*Gun: Double Peace is one of Japan's best-loved and critically acclaimed shooters. * Anime-infused rail-shooter like no other, where the girls throw themselves at you! * Use your well placed shots to bring them to fits of ecstasy! * Find true love in one day or be forever alone! * Hilarious cast of characters and a heart-warming story where your choices matter. * Unlock and upgrade your skill set to improve your abilities. * Multiple endings as you fight for the affections of your Best Girl. * Includes DLC and costumes from the original Gal*Gun Double Peace already unlocked in game! * Play Story Mode or Score Attack game-modes.

Inukari – Chase of Deception (18th Mar) - At a time when people have stopped respecting wildlife, bad things have begun to happen in the world. But someone has lit the small candle in your shrine, so they’re calling you! Restore the order, peace and connect people back with nature, you are their last hope.

Jumping Bricks Ball (Pix Arts, 18th Mar, $3.99) - Play this exciting game with the ball bouncing against bricks scrolling down the screen, renewing the famous breakout game. Jumping Bricks Ball is an easy to learn but tough to master game with rich visual effects and addictive gameplay mechanics.

Kraken Academy!! (22nd Mar, $17.99) - Welcome to Kraken Academy. Kraken Academy is no ordinary high school. Ghosts fill the art department, cultists meet below the monkey bars and now crocodiles are eating children. Join forces with a magical Kraken to uncover the Traitor, a malevolent mastermind, who could be anyone at the school. With each time loop you’ll get closer to saving Kraken Academy. Explore & Investigate While saving the world is definitely an important goal there's a whole range of other activities to dive into. Learn teachers’ and students’ routines as you explore every corner of the campus during this three day loop. Attend a costume party, become a detective, and help the school's janitor bring down a crime syndicate. Join a Club Kraken Academy is split into four clubs: Music, Art, Sports and Drama: • Join the alternative Music Club and complete the school’s edgiest rock band.

LOST EGG 2: Be together (KIMIDORI SOFT, 17th Mar, $2.99) - That fragile but brave egg has come back with new powers. Aim for the frying pan at the end of rolling through various stages with sad and touching melody. * Game goalsThe aim is to operate fried eggs, aim at the pan while making full use of movements and jumps, and become fried eggs. However, since raw eggs are fragile, their durability decreases as they encounter walls and floors. The game is over when the durability disappears. * Feature- Online Multiplayer: Raw eggs have friends, and those friends (raw eggs) are also brave enough to go on adventures at their own pace. Every once in a while, you'll run into one of them. When you do, be sure to exchange greetings and enjoy each encounter and parting of the ways. Of course, silence is fine. Also, I can't say this out loud, but when your companion breaks up (not a breakup), he will drop a recovery item. A maximum of 10 people can play together. - Hang on function: This is definitely the highlight of the project.

My Lady Sayo 絶対君主!小夜様 (CyberStep, 17th Mar, $19.99) - "Are you the one who wants to become my 'pet'? "『My Lady Sayo 絶対君主!小夜様 ~バイト面接に行ったら小夜様の下僕だった件~ 』is a novel game in which you serve Sayo and deepen your relationship with her as you respond to her reckless requests and endure her playful teasing. Originally released in 2015 by the bishoujo game brand Swan, "Zettai Kunshu! Sayo-sama" has been remade for the "CS Novel Club" platform so that it can be enjoyed around the world. .

Royal Frontier (Ratalaika Games, 18th Mar, $6.99) - The wagons are packed and an eager group of settlers are ready to head out. But the journey is full of dangers. Treacherous terrain, savage bandits and ancient monsters have been the end of many settlers. So they turn to you to protect them. Choose your party, move across the map like a board game, and battle monsters. The combat is a nuanced mix of turn-based and time-based approach, with attacks, specials and items make each encounter unique.

Sea Battle Minimal (Hook Games, 18th Mar, $4.99) - Sea Battle Minimal contains all essential parts of good sea battle game:- Online multiplayer- Global leaderboards, Elo rating system- Private online games with your friend- Local multiplayer on a single device- Game vs AI- Touch support- Beautiful minimal design

Tempest 4000 (Atari, 22nd Mar, $19.99) - Tempest 4000 is a visually stunning, action-packed tube shooter based on the classic hit arcade game, Tempest. Developed by legendary game designer, Jeff Minter, Tempest 4000 remains faithful to the original fast-paced gameplay by putting you in control of the Claw, a powerful spacecraft equipped to destroy deadly creatures and other obstructions with rapid-fire shots on vibrant geometric prisms. Featuring fantastical graphical environments, 100 levels, three game modes, and more, you must eliminate all enemies as fast as possible to survive and compete for the highest score on the leaderboards.

The Wake (Monster Couch, 17th Mar, $6.99) - You are their last and only true hope! Thea: The Awakening is a turn-based strategic survival game steeped in Slavic myth and monstrosity set after an apocalyptic force known only as The Darkness has engulfed the world. There are Strigas and Baba Yagas aplenty, but there are no heroes, no monster slayers, and no great armies capable of banishing them. You have only a few hopeless and starving survivors who are desperately trying to stay alive. You are their last and only true hope! The game combines turn-based strategic gameplay with the tension and grit of a rogue-like, a captivating story you can uncover through a series of in-game events, and a unique combat system based on a complex card battle game. - Read our The Wake review

Truck Simulator USA Car Games – Driving games & Car 2022 (11th Mar, $11.99) - Drive a real truck in Truck Simulator USA ! Become an American truck driver and show your driver skills. Choose cargo and drive it. Transport cargo to city warehouses. Upgrade your truck for better driving and earning more money. Fix and refuel an American truck at service stations, fuel station.

Who Pressed Mute on Uncle Marcus? (18th Mar, $12.99) - The family quiz is a long-held tradition but this year, Abby receives some shocking news: someone has poisoned Uncle Marcus! Make decisions throughout the story to uncover the truth and try to save him before it is too late. - Shot in lockdown and filmed simultaneously in London and Los Angeles - Starring Andy Buckley (The Office) as Uncle Marcus - Starring Susannah Doyle (Black Mirror) and Robbie Kay (Once Upon a Time) - Returning FMV actors Georgia Small (Five Dates) and Al Weaver (The Complex) - From the studios behind The Complex, Five Dates, Night Book and Bloodshore

Wife Quest (eastasiasoft, 16th Mar, $7.99) - In humorous and often naughty action platformer Wife Quest, you’ll take the role of charismatic former warrior Mia as she sets off to battle the seductive monster girls who keep kidnapping her beloved husband Fernando! Explore the lands surrounding your marital home in vibrant side-scrolling pixel art style, slashing through enemies and fearlessly navigating a wide variety of hazardous environments. With each enemy boss she takes down, Mia gains new abilities to help her overcome the trials ahead. From goblins and witches to slimes and more, Mia will have plenty of monster girls to punish along the way, each with unique animations! There’s also an equipment shop, mini-games, gallery images to unlock and additional modes to discover that reward you with new skins for Mia. Will you help Mia defeat the dark elf Morganna and reunite her with Fernando? - Read our Wife Quest review

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