Gotta Protectors: Cart of Darkness has been announced for a western release on the Switch courtesy of Ancient Games and localisation company 8-4.

The game is the third entry to the action defence series, following on from the 3DS title Gotta Protectors and the Xbox 360 title Protect Me Knight. It will launch on the eShop on April 14th.

Gotta Protectors: Cart of Darkness will also be receiving a physical edition from Limited Run Games, with pre-orders opening on March 25th at 10am EST. Both standard and collector's editions will be available, with the latter containing a collector's box, soundtrack, interview book, trading cards, and 8-bit sprite pins.

Here's a rundown of the game's features from Limited Run's official page:

- Play solo or with up to four players via couch co-op, local wireless, or over the internet (Nintendo Switch Online membership required for internet play)
- Face off against dozens of enemies at a time and test your wits against unique bosses like Crab and Golem!
- Customize your heroes with a bevy of unique and tactically diverse skills, from the defensive to the outright offensive
- Rock out to an infectious chiptune soundtrack by the one and only Yuzo Koshiro
- Perform secret feats to unlock collectable game carts, each one a milk-snorting send-up of a real, actual game for the Something-or-other Entertainment System
- Cover your screen with classic gaming literature whenever nature calls for a pause
- Laugh, cry, and hurl to a timeless story that will mangle your heartstrings

It's worth noting that an additional 4 DLC packs will also be available alongside the main game. These can be bought separately, as a DLC bundle, or together with the game as a complete package on the eShop. Each DLC Pack will contain bonus stages, new skills for the characters, and new sound chip formats for the game's soundtrack.

Alternatively, opting for Limited Run's physical edition will net you the DLC packs as a neat little bonus.

Will you be grabbing a physical edition from Limited Run Games? Do you own the 3DS version of Gotta Protectors? Let us know down below.

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