Kirby and the Forgotten Land arrives on 25th March, but as you may have seen its review embargo has dropped and the outlook is extremely positive. It seems that the cutest of IPs has transitioned rather well into 3D, building the anticipation further ahead of its release.

Digital Foundry has also done its thing, with a rather enjoyable 20 minute overview that looks at the game design, visuals, performance and all that analysis we enjoy so much from the team.

The overall word in terms of performance is that it's a good looking game that holds a reliable 30fps, with plenty of praise for the art design and technical execution. In fact, if one configuration has an 'edge' in terms of image quality it may be in handheld mode, as some compromises may be more noticeable on a large TV; that said, the overall tone is positive.

Below is Digital Foundry's summary:

Basically, all these ideas coalesce into something that I really enjoyed and is basically what I'm looking for in a 3D platformer these days. It's not going to revolutionise the genre but I don't feel it needs to - this is just solid platforming action with beautiful visuals and a fantastic soundtrack.

After covering so many triple-A heavy hitters over the past few months I really enjoyed having a chance to relax and hang out with Kirby this week. It's such a polished, complete game with a lot of heart that I think it deserves a shot if you're into this type of experience.

There you have it. Are you planning to play Kirby and the Forgotten Land this weekend?

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