Developer Fuz Games and publisher Graffiti Games have announced their newest game, Restless Soul, an adventure game where you solve puzzles and dodge bullets in the afterlife in order to get back to the land of the living. After all, you've got unfinished business up there.

Your little ghost character looks a little bit like they've been taken straight out of Paper Mario as they explore this 3D, greyscale version of purgatory. And it's sure to tickle your funny bone - just make sure you're not laughing too much while you're dodging those ghostly bullets!

Here's what to expect from the game when it launches on Switch later this year:

Welcome to the AFTERLIFE! You are the latest soul to arrive in the great beyond, but you need to take care of some unfinished business back in the land of the living. You must find a way to return by using your new ghostly reflexes to evade bullet-hell battles with the aid of fellow souls you meet along the way. Be careful though, you are not the only one looking for a way to return from death. Evil Dr. Krull and his army also want to escape and will try to stop you every chance they get!

- Enjoy a soulful story full of pretentious and sometimes comedic quotes about life and death.
- Master bullet-hell combat by using your skills to battle henchmen and leaders of an evil army with deadly motives.
- Solve clever puzzles that might have you scratching your head, but will leave you feeling super smart.
- Explore the mysterious afterlife and unlock hidden secrets as you travel through 14 towns to find your way back to the land of the living.
- Meet a cast of over 100 “colorful” 2D souls in a 3D world.
- Use your phone to keep track of your game’s progress, or take a bomb selfies.
- Listen to an original soundtrack of boppin’ tunes to rock out to in each new area.
- Rescue hidden souls, trapped in secret rooms.
- Special cameo appearance by the one-and-only Grim Reaper.
- Pet a talking dog!

So, wait, are we talking the Grim Reaper from Conker's Bad Fur Day? We also deliberately left that last one in bold. We had to. After all, we all need a little bit of joy in the afterlife, especially when you see these screenshots. That bottom right one is a mood.

The game doesn't have a firm release date yet. Still, we're excited to see how much of a dead-good time Restless Soul offers when it comes out, hopefully later this year.

What do you think of Restless Soul? Let us know in the comments.