Edgey Office
Image: Capcom

Luxury Japanese capsule hotel, Anshin Oyado Nagoya Sakae, has just announced a collaboration with Capcom to bring two Ace Attorney-themed rooms to its customers, in celebration of the series' 20th anniversary.

There are two rooms available:

The Ace Attorney room

Edgeworth's Office
Image: Anshin Oyado Nagoya Sakae

  • On one side, Prosecutor Miles Edgeworth's office, complete with the King of Prosecutors trophy/murder weapon and Edgey's beloved Steel Samurai figurine
  • On the other side, the offices of Mia Fey and Phoenix Wright, complete with Charley the plant and the file cabinet

The Great Ace Attorney room

Herlock's Office
Image: Anshin Oyado Nagoya Sakae

  • On one side, decorated to look like Herlock Sholmes' study from the Great Ace Attorney games
  • On the other side, decorated to look like Herlock Sholmes' attic room, which is also Ryunosuke Naruhodo's office

Both rooms also feature a poster on the ceiling of what looks like every major character from the two time periods, from Maya and Susato to Godot and Soseki Natsume. And don't worry — although Apollo has been snubbed in terms of the room designs, he will be on the ceiling poster. Watching while you sleep.

The rooms will be allocated to customers by lottery, so unfortunately you won't be able to choose to sleep on Edgeworth's sofa (unless you win), but even if you don't win, you'll still get access to the hotel's hot spring, which also has Ace Attorney images plastered around it.

There are also extra benefits for anyone who visits the Anshin Oyado Premier Nagoya Sakae café, including coasters, trading cards, and character stands, all themed around the Ace Attorney cast.

Of course, this promotion is only available in Japan, but you can always just get an Edgeworth body pillow and pretend.

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