It was confirmed some time ago that The Ring, or 'Ringu' to use the correct name from Kōji Suzuki’s original movie adaptation, would come to Dead By Daylight. It's an iconic horror franchise, and it's now been announced that the new content will arrive in the The Sadako Rising Chapter on 8th March.

As you can see in the trailer we have new Killer Sadako, but the survivor Yoichi Asakawa is perhaps a more intriguing tie-in. Below is some of the official blurb that explains why that character's appearance is rather notable for the franchise.

Slowly crawling out of the stagnant water of her well to haunt her victims is the new Killer Sadako, known in game as The Onryō. With immense powers and a fearsome temper, Sadako was left to perish and rot in a watery grave. Gifted with otherworldly power, her violent wrath manifested into a cursed videotape that allowed her to appear before the viewers, to curse them and leave them dead, their faces twisted in a mask of terror. The Onryō’s fury is so profound that Survivors will soon find themselves condemned to a haunting fate. Though the flickering glow of a television has long been a source of comfort, the mere sight of one will soon send shivers down their spine.

...Haunted by memories of loss, darkened by the shadow of evil. His journey is far from over. No stranger to Sadako’s fury is Yoichi Asakawa, whose young life was forever altered by The Onryō’s rage. First introduced to fans as a boy in the original 1998 Ringu movie, Yoichi is the only hero of the cult Japanese franchise to ever have made it alive after facing Sadako’s anger. His reappearance in Dead by Daylight is thus the first occasion for fans to reconnect with the beloved child more than 20 years after his escape and finally know what came of him. Now a respected marine biologist, his story continues as his search for answers drove him through treacherous waters, deep into a realm beyond rational understanding.

Let us know if you're a DBD player that's tempted to jump into this Chapter in a few weeks.