Post Void
Image: Super Rare Originals

Fast-paced gory gunmanship is the name of the game in POST VOID, an upcoming all-caps FPS published by new label Super Rare Originals.

Imagine DOOM combined with deep-fried psychedelic visuals in every colour you can imagine (and some you can't conceive), and you've come close to what POST VOID looks like. It's chaos, it's glorious, and it's quite a long way away from Super Rare Originals' other published game, Grapple Dog. It's nice to have a wide range, eh?

The trailer is age-gated, so you'll have to click here to get a better look at it.

POST VOID has only been given a Spring 2022 release date, but it's been out on Steam for almost two years if you want to take a wee look.

Does POST VOID fill the Hotline Miami-shaped hole in your heart? Let us know in the comments.