My Nintendo Store
Image: Nintendo

Nintendo of America was tweaking its official website early yesterday (16th February), and it transpires it was preparation for launching a new My Nintendo Store. It's a big step up on the region's previous offering and is now similar to the equivalent in the UK, as one example.

You can see what it has to offer at the My Nintendo Store Official Site, which blends a broad catalogue of new products along with some of the My Nintendo Rewards that are claimed with points. Like some other regional stores it offers a relatively decent range, including both physical and digital games, merchandise and some 'store exclusives' that include clothing. In terms of the nitty gritty it offers free shipping if you spend over $50, and a current offer is a range of first-party physical games reduced to $39.99.

It's the most substantial official online store Nintendo's offered in North America to date; previously it was largely limited to My Nintendo Rewards on one site, and a limited range of accessories and/or refurbished products on a little-advertised sub-site. In this case the full store is a key tab on the company's official pages.

Take a look and let us know what you think; are any of you planning to do some shopping on this North American My Nintendo Store?