Nintendo Minute lost Kit and Krysta recently — Nintendo veterans who have been at the company for 13 and 14 years, respectively, but both announced their departure in January 2022. But they're not gone forever!

In fact, they've just announced that they're starting their own mini-media empire, with a Patreon, a podcast, and a YouTube channel, although technically those are all the same thing: The Kit and Krysta Podcast, which you can find on their Patreon, YouTube channel, and "wherever you get your podcasts".

The podcast will focus on "never before heard" stories of two best friends working in the video game industry, presumably with a lot of inside looks into Nintendo, too. They also teased the return of content from Nintendo Minute:

"Kit and Krysta are also answering your questions, talking about the games they are playing, breaking down what's happening around gaming and sharing fun segments which Nintendo Minute fans will recognize immediately."

Fans who want access to the podcast early can subscribe to the Kit and Krysta Patreon, which costs $5 / £4 a month, and will give you access to the podcast 48 hours before it releases everywhere else.

Will you be signing up for Kit and Krysta's podcast? Let us know in the comments!