Dragon Spirit
Image: Namco

Namco's 1987 fantasy-themed shmup Dragon Spirit is joining the Arcade Archives series on Nintendo Switch, it has been revealed.

Notable for fusing traditional shmup mechanics with dragons and other mythical beasts, the game shares similarities with another Namco classic, Xevious, in that the player has a standard shot for destroying air-based enemies as well as a bomb for taking out foes on the ground.

Dragon Spirit was famously ported to the PC Engine / TG-16 and spawned a 1989 sequel, Dragon Spirit: The New Legend, on the NES (this is included in Namco Museum Archives: Vol 1 on Switch). An arcade sequel entitled Dragon Saber followed in 1990, and this was also ported to the PC Engine.

The game will launch on the Switch eShop on March 3rd.