Update: A new trailer is now available (above — original reveal trailer now at the bottom of the page). Enjoy!

Back in March 2020 a neat little puzzle platformer called Wunderling put you in the shoes of the lowliest of platforming foes trying desperately to take down the 'hero' of the piece and please a villainous boss. The game was a fun and fresh spin on a genre that has more than a few video games to its name, and Swedish developer Bitwave Games (formerly Retroid Interactive) has now announced that it is getting an upgrade in the form of Wunderling DX, a free update coming on 8th March.

Wunderling DX adds a whole new world containing 14 levels where you continue to thwart the efforts of Carrot Man, hero of the Vegetable Kingdom. As well as the new levels, there are also new items, story beats and a speedrun timer included. This update will be the last one for the game and a bookend for Bitwave Games as it bids farewell to its old 'Retroid Interactive' banner.

You can check out the new additions in the trailer above, or take a look at the update in the screens below:

We awarded Wunderling (the non-DX version) a very well-deserved 8/10 and had this to say in our review:

By removing the basic ability to turn direction whilst walking, Wunderling proves itself to be an incredibly addictive platformer that boasts excellent level design, brilliant writing, and adorable visuals. Its impressive accessibility means that almost anyone can pick it up, but it simultaneously remains challenging enough to keep you engaged for hours.

Let us know below if you've played Wunderling, or if this new update has you interested to walk a mile in a goomba's shoes once it drops on 8th March.