Severed Steel is an FPS that has garnered plenty of positive user reviews on Steam since its release last year, and is eye catching with its use of destructible environments and stunt-driven play. It continues to get major updates ahead of a release on consoles - including Switch - later this year, which bodes well as it adds more refinements and content.

Version 3.0 is focused on the campaign, adding new levels and weapons. There's also a lot of balancing tweaks as the developers respond to feedback, along with further improvements to the game's level editor. Another update planned for March will add the ability for players to create campaigns in the level editor, though time will tell whether this set of user-generation features makes it to the console versions.

You can see some details below:

Campaign Update 3.0, the shooter's biggest update yet, includes 12 new levels (playable in Campaign and Firefight modes, and taking the total number of levels to 42), four new weapons (sawed-off shotgun, lever-action rifle, silenced pistol, silenced SMG), a new arm cannon (Meta Grenade), 16 new songs composed by Floating Door, new level editor features, and various balancing and optimization for existing levels, weapons, enemies and AI.

...Severed Steel is a single-player FPS featuring a fluid stunt system, destructible voxel environments, loads of bullet time, and a unique one-armed protagonist. It's you, your trigger finger, and a steel-toed boot against a superstructure full of bad guys. Chain together wall runs, dives, flips, and slides to take every last enemy down.

We'll keep an eye out for more details and updates as it get closer to its console release.