Pikmin Bloom

If you've been getting into Pikmin Bloom over the past few weeks, the latest game from Pokémon GO developer Niantic, you'll be pleased to hear that another Community Day event is right around the corner.

The company has revealed that the app's first Community Day of 2022 will be taking place on 22nd January – the Saturday after next. As you'd expect, those who decide to get involved in the fun and play the game on that day will be able to reap all sorts of rewards. The details you need can be found below:

In-app bonuses: Big Flowers will bloom into camellias when you plant regular blue, red, yellow, or white petals around them (Camellias have been blooming sparingly from January 1st)

Players achieving the 10,000 step goal on this day will be awarded a special Camellia Flower Badge

Seedlings in your planter pack will grow at 1.5x the usual speed (and more, if you’re flower planting!)

Receive 1 bonus coin per 250 flowers planted instead of the usual 500 (capped at 60 coins/day)

Additionally, starting with the beginning of Community Day on January 22nd, you will be able to obtain fruits containing camellia nectar with every challenge you clear!

The Community Day celebrations will be taking place all day, so unlike with Pokémon GO, you won't need to be free at a specific time to get involved.

Back in December, Niantic revealed that players had already grown more than 113 million Pikmin in the app so far and had walked 338 billion steps. It might not be hitting Pokémon GO's lofty heights, but it sure seems to be popular.

Are you one of the many who have been playing Pikmin Bloom? Will you be taking part in this upcoming Community Day? Plant us a lovely comment in the box below.

[source pikminbloom.com]