Image: Microids / ViacomCBS Consumer Products

Microids has produced some solid games in recent years, and has also been busy with some family-friendly licensed titles. It's now confirmed there's more to come with an agreement to produce three new Garfield games. More will be revealed in time, but we'd be surprised if this family-friendly IP skipped Nintendo hardware.

Alain Milly, Editorial Director for Microids, sounds unsurprisingly pleased in the press release.

We are thrilled by this new agreement with ViacomCBS Consumer Products! Garfield is a well-known and family-friendly IP fitting perfectly our portfolio made of popular franchises for all ages. Following successful collaborations on Garfield: Wild Ride and Garfield Kart Furious Racing, we are incredibly honored to work with ViacomCBS Consumer Products on three new games.

In terms of the most recent Garfield game from 2019, Garfield Kart Furious Racing, it's fair to say we were less than impressed with it in our review. Nevertheless, as we've highlighted above Microids has produced and published a host of interesting and better regarded games in the past couple of years, so perhaps we should allow ourselves a little optimism that the IP will be done justice this time around.

It'll likely be a good while before these Garfield games start to be revealed; what genres would you like to see for this franchise?