Montarosu Entertainment has announced that its "insect swarm battle simulation game", Attack on Beetle, will launch on Switch on 17th January, A.K.A today!

The game, which originally released on mobile platforms last year, sees you fight to become the king of nature with sixteen different species of insect to choose from as you take part in horde-style battles in a variety of different locations. Defeating insects adds them to your available roster of beasts and you'll need to make sure you select the right bugs for the job in order to take down foes that range from butterflies to stag beetles and more.

The official press release has more info, and there are a few shots of the entomological carnage on offer:

Insect warfare begins in a variety of forests, deserts, and waterfront locations.
Confront and defeat hostile insects, and add them to your army to expand your power.
The winner is an insect that builds the largest army!

Beetles, stag beetles, and butterflies of all kinds are here!
Determine whether your army has an advantage or disadvantage in each war situation, and use them to your victory.

Will you be getting down and dirty with Attack on Beetle? Let us know in the comments.