Ring Fit
Image: Nintendo

Nintendo's been ramping up the adverts in preparation for the Christmas rush, but what about the post-Christmas "oh no, I ate too many mince pies" slim-down? Well, we have Ring Fit Adventure, of course, which is available again after that early pandemic rush.

But the advert for "Buy Ring Fit To Work Off Those Christmas Calories" isn't filmed yet. Casting agency Kate And Lou + Ro Casting is currently looking for "people who enjoy incorporating Ring Fit into their at home exercise routine, and from families who enjoy playing and exercising together using Ring Fit" to film an advert at their own house.


However, there appears to be a small loophole โ€” the casting application seems to imply that they'll also accept people who've played Xbox Kinect. But this is a Nintendo website, so we definitely can't condone such behaviour. Then again, a Kinect game did just come out...

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