Italian developer Milestone has been around, in some shape or form, since 1994, which makes the recent announcement that Hot Wheels Unleashed is its fastest-selling game ever all the more remarkable.

Milestone – along with publisher Mattel – has revealed that the title has shifted one million copies globally in digital and physical form since its launch on September 30th this year. No other Milestone title has sold as swiftly.

Luisa Bixio, CEO of Milestone, had this to say about the news:

Ever since we announced Hot Wheels Unleashed back in February, we’ve received thousands of heartfelt messages from fans, This milestone is the umpteenth display of affection from our passionate community.

Andrew Chan, Head of Digital Gaming, Mattel, added:

Hot Wheels is all about encouraging the challenger spirit and Hot Wheels Unleashed brings that mission to life for gamers of all ages. We’re proud of this exciting milestone, and we look forward to even more fans discovering the game and new upcoming content as we head into 2022.

In our Hot Wheels Unleashed review, we said:

As it stands right now, Hot Wheels Unleashed is a fun racer whose fantastic selection of cars makes up for its relative lack of varied course environments. With updates and DLC it has the potential to become a brilliant mess of licensed properties in the way the best mash-up games are, but what’s here is a solid enough foundation to start from, even if it’s a little samey at launch.