Fire Emblem Heroes' latest update is here, taking the game to Version 6.0.0 and adding plenty of new content to get stuck into.

The update introduces Book VI, the next chapter for the game. Promising a "rich new story" that'll let you discover why Veronica has returned, Book VI will be going live later today, 6th December, at 11pm PT. You can get a taste of what's to come in the new cinematic trailer up above.

On top of that, a range of new competitive modes have been announced for the game that allow players to take on friends or other players globally. Check them out:

Summoner Duels, the new player-vs.-player mode, can be accessed in the Coliseum. There are a few different fun ways to battle. This mode lets you add five Heroes to your team with battles lasting five turns. If you defeat all of your opponent’s Heroes, or if your score is higher than your opponent’s at the end of the fifth turn, you win!

In Favor Battles, your captain’s Favor Level increases based on the score you earned, granting you rewards as their level increases. Even if you lose, you’ll always have something to work toward. Fortune favors the bold, so give it your best shot!

Beyond Favor Battles, you can also take part in Free Duels and Practice Duels. Practice Duels allow you to check your team’s synergy and familiarize yourself with maps while playing against an AI opponent. In Free Duels, you can battle with other summoners you know by sharing a password. Use this mode to battle with your friends online!

Further details on the changes contained within Version 6.0.0 can be found on the game's official website and in the latest Feh Channel video below:

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