Image: Atlus / SEGA

Kaiju / mecha / high-schooler / side-scroller / visual novel / RTS fans are no doubt made up that 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim is Switch-bound next year, and after hearing good things from our pals over at Push Square, we're excited to see what all the fuss is about.

It seems that the Switch version will feature some bonus content not currently available in the PS4 version, too. As noted by RPG Site, Atlus has announced that each of the titular sentinels will get two new armaments each in the Switch version — 26 in all.

Here's the list of them in full (thanks, RPG Site):

Juro Kurabe - Arm Piercing Cannon and High Output Plasma Arc Melt Cutter
Megumi Yakushiji - High Pulse Laser and Piercing Multi-Lock Missile
Ei Sekigahara - Hurricane Rush and Launching All Anti-Ground Missiles
Iori Fuyusaka - Spread Rapid Rocket Cannon and Plasma Smasher
Keitaro Miura - E.M.P. Long-Range Missile and Wide-Range Explosion
Natsuno Minami - High-Precision Machine Cannon and Wide Railgun
Shu Amiguchi - Point Lock Missile and Enhanced Generator
Yuki Takamiya - Quad-Leg Spike and Active Cooler
Takatoshi Hijiyama - Anti-Air Demolish Blade and Enhanced Actuator
Tomi Kisaragi - Super Long-Range Missile and High-Performance Charger
Nenji Ogata - High-Performance Charger and Wide-Range Suppression Rockets
Ryoko Shinonome - Hacking Missile and Anti-Ground Random Shoot
Renya Gouto - E.M.P. Spike and Teleport Field

First released on PS4 in Japan back in 2019 (and in the West last year), 13 Sentinels' narrative revolves around a Kaiju conflict and there are plenty of RTS-style battles to get stuck into, where those new armaments will no doubt come in handy.

Here are some big ol' bright screenshots, courtesy of Atlus:

13 Sentinels lands on Switch on 12th April 2022. Played this on PS4 already? Are we right to be excited for it? Let us know below.

[source atlus.co.jp, via rpgsite.net]