Update [Tue 30th Nov, 2021 05:30 GMT]: Spike Chunsoft has now released an official trailer on its English YouTube channel.

Original story [Sun 28th Nov, 2021 07:05 GMT]: Spike Chunsoft and Tookyo Games have announced a new "dark fantasy mystery" game titled Enigma Archives: Rain Code.

It brings together the same "creative team" who worked on the Danganronpa series - including story written by Kazutaka Kodaka, character design by Rui Komatsuzaki and a soundtrack composed by Masafumi Takada.

At the moment, there's no information about the story or characters, but we do know it will star a young boy, girl and ghosts.

Platforms and a release date have not been announced yet. Given Spike Chunsoft's links with the Switch and the fact the Danganronpa series is now also on the platform, Nintendo's system could be in with a chance.

Would you be interested in playing something like this on a Nintendo system? Tell us in the comments.

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