If you still find yourself craving some new Nintendogs-style gameplay – seriously, what's happened to that series, Nintendo? – you might want to consider Pups & Purrs Animal Hospital which launches on Switch today.

From Aksys Games and Numskull Games, Pups & Purrs Animal Hospital has you becoming "the very best veterinarian ever!" You see, rather than looking after your animals at home, the game is unsurprisingly set in a hospital where you'll be tending and caring for some fluffy but poorly friends.

You'll meet a variety of cats and dogs in your clinic and can take X-rays, check temperatures, and more before administering the necessary treatment. You can also take time off from work by relaxing at a cafe, going shopping, or visiting the hair salon to change up your look. Here's a feature list to tell you a little more:

Mini-games help treat injuries: Play 20 different mini-games to find out what’s wrong and get your playful patients back on their four feet.

Help your furry friends feel better: Check-up Mode helps you check for illnesses or injuries of each new patient. Take an X-ray to diagnose the problem, identify the ailment and prescribe a treatment plan!

Care for 18 lovable breeds of puppies and kittens!

On your day off, Explore Even More: Enjoy a visit to the café, the beach, the amusement park, and more. Will a coworker accompany you?

Update your look: Choose from 40 different hairstyles! Get dressed and hit the town’s hot spots in style. Shop for new outfits with 184 items in all!

The game can be picked up from the eShop for £24.99 (although there's actually a 10% discount live at the time of writing), and you'll also find retail copies available online.

Make sure to let us know if you'll be giving this one a go in the comments.