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Image: Nintendo Life

Nintendo's extensive financial results briefing has plenty of information in various areas, and right at the back is the company's renewed commitment to its 'ESG' Initiatives - Environment, Social and Governance.

It reiterates some information seen in the most recent corporate social responsibility report, but is perhaps worth another focus. In terms of environment initiatives, the company's goals are to produce 'environmentally conscious products' - this is focused on energy conservation (Switch, like its predecessors, has a low power draw), 'green procurement', efficient transportation and 'post-sales recycling'.

The Social aspect includes the usual 'putting smiles on faces', but also goes into more specifics. Nintendo states it continues to assess 'human rights and labor risks' in its supply chain. In terms of a diverse workplace the company has a 'partner system' and aims to support the advancement of women in the company.

In terms of 'governance', this relates to the boardroom and management. The Board of Directors has a stated goal of recruiting more women and members from outside of Japan, with a third or more of the board to be Outside Directors.

How is Nintendo doing in these areas? There's tangible information on the environmental and procurement goals; we shared more detail on the environmental policies in the Summer while Nintendo has been praised for avoiding conflict materials, albeit criticised slightly for its low effort / engagement to achieve that goal.

In all of these areas it'll be interesting to see how Nintendo's delivery on these commitments progresses.

[source nintendo.co.jp]