It's been a fascinating couple of months for Doctor Who fans, with the excellent Doctor Who: The Lonely Assassins arriving in August on Switch, and with Doctor Who: The Edge of Reality now just days away from its 14th October release.

It's a game that made its debut (sort of) previously in VR as Edge of Time, but as the development leads told us in an interview this new arrival is "a reimagined and expanded story". Ahead of the release developer Maze has now shared gameplay videos to show us what to expect; above is a flashy trailer, and below is a playthrough of the opening.

As you can see it still shows its VR ancestry with its first-person perspective and puzzle solving, but that's certainly not a bad thing. It looks to capture the vibe of the series quite well, and though footage will likely be of the PC build, we've seen some first-person games of this style turn out rather well on Switch; hopefully we have a good version on the way.

Let us know what you think - are you tempted to pick this up?