Question Block LEGO
Image: LEGO

It's weird to give a spoiler warning for a LEGO set, but this article will obviously spoil elements of the secrets and surprises in the Question Block. If you want to go in fresh, stop reading already.

Ever since the LEGO Super Mario Question Block set was announced, we've been wondering... what's up with that little flap at the front? This one:

Question Block flap
Image: LEGO

Surely that's no accident. There's something in there, and we want to know what it is.

Well, good news: the reviews for this set are in, and it turns out that LEGO was sneakily hiding a secret from us the whole time, just as we thought. In fact, they straight up lied (by omission) about it to keep the secret, with no mention of it on the product page at all!

There's a hidden door on the front of the question block, and sliding it open will reveal a teeeeny tiny Bowser. Pressing down on that Bowser will open a second secret door (the flap we noticed), behind which is a miniature recreation of the Bowser in the Dark World battle:

Secret Bowser level
Image: Brickset
Bowser In The Dark World
Image: Nintendo

Also, look how tiny Bowser is:

If you don't mind more LEGO spoilers, the review from Brickset covers the complex internals and the quality of the build, as well as how the LEGO Mario and LEGO Luigi figures interact with the set, giving access to "unique music and sounds" as well as being able to find 10 hidden Power Stars.

But the secretest Easter Egg of all is that the set, which releases on October 1st and costs £159.99 / $169.99, has 2064 pieces, as in "Super Mario 64". That might seem like a coincidence, but the LEGO Saturn V set had exactly 1969 pieces — as in, the year humankind landed on the Moon.

150 quid isn't too much to spend on LEGO, right? Please validate us in the comments below.

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