Remember Slice of Life, the Switch-exclusive arcade-style tennis game that was revealed back in March 2020? Well, we've finally been treated to a new update on its progress, and a release date is right around the corner.

Originally planned to launch last summer, the game will now arrive on Nintendo's eShop on 8th October 2021. The new release date trailer (up above) gives us a fresh look at the game's story mode, where players take on the role of Drake Lacasse as he starts a new life at Rosegate University, makes new friends, and competes on the court.

The title is made up of an intriguing blend of story-driven narrative and arcade-style tennis – you can also take to the court with a friend for exhibition matches or minigames. Here's a feature list:

- Experience a twisting narrative filled with interesting friends and foes.
- Fast-paced arcade-style tennis action.
- A deep perk-based customization system.
- Character driven storylines and social links.
- Tons of unlockable Sub-Games to mix up gameplay.
- A huge soundtrack to flavor your time at Rosegate.
- Local multiplayer modes!

Slice of Life will be available to pick up for $6.99 when it launches next month.

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