MayTree - Nintendo
Image: MayTree

From the Switch's famous 'click' to the GameCube's iconic, erm... you know the little tune we're talking about, Nintendo's systems have boasted plenty of great start-up sounds over the years. Want to know how to make them sound even better, though? Acapella.

MayTree, a popular acapella group from Korea, has shared a video of themselves performing a number of classic Nintendo console sounds. Systems like the N64, the Game Boy Advance and even the Satellaview are featured, and the whole thing's simply fantastic.

We've seen a fair few comments enjoying the lady on the left's interpretation of the Wii, although we're particularly fond of the entire group's rendition of the Wii U menu which is just sublime. Take a look:

Do you have a favourite? We'd love to hear it (preferably in acapella form) in the comments below.