Oxenfree is a critically acclaimed and intriguing experience, so there has understandably been excitement about its sequel that's due to arrive in 2022. Developer Night School Studio, which has already shown its flair for storytelling and engaging with its fanbase, is now teasing the sequel in a rather smart way.

Utilising the fact that Oxenfree is a tale of signals, paranormal happenings and different time periods, the studio has dropped an update for the original on Steam that teases a mysterious group in the sequel. This is being done with new radio signals that players can find - some have been clearly signposted, but based on the developer's previous history there are probably more undiscovered secrets to find.

As highlighted above, this update is currently only available in the Steam version of the game, though the team replied on social media that it is looking into other platforms. Hopefully this interesting meta-marketing will make it to the Switch version too, as it's an intriguing approach to connecting the games.

Would you be keen to search for clues and sequel teasers in the original game?