Tiny birds are having a moment, aren't they? There's the Spiritfarer tiny owl update, and Haven Park's tiny bird, Flint, and last year's A Short Hike... and now, Kokopa's Atlas, a game about exploring, farming, and building a life as Kokopa, a cat-person-astronaut-explorer, and Pollimero, a TINY BIRD who wears glasses. It's a little bit Pikmin, a little bit Animal Crossing, with a sprinkling of Cozy Grove and Littlewood.

The Kickstarter just went live, and the game is already confirmed for Switch, with Xbox and PlayStation releases as stretch goals.

The game will include all your favourite activities, like terraforming, farming, exploring, and talking to a tiny bird. Check out some of the screenshots to get a feel for it:


So, what do you think? Will you be backing the game, or waiting for release? Let us know in the comments!