Switch OLED
Image: Nintendo

Japanese YouTuber HikakinTV has gotten his hands on the shiny new Switch OLED and has already issued an unboxing video that shows off the upcoming revision in the flesh.

One part of the video is of particular note because it shows a part of the Switch which, until now, has remained hidden: its Micro SD card slot.

As we've already reported, the Switch OLED Model has a revised kickstand that covers a much larger portion of the back of the console – unlike the one on the original version, which only covers a small part of the case and is quite flimsy.

The image below shows the new Micro SD card slot, and, as you can see, cards are now inserted from the side, rather than from the bottom. This should make it harder to accidentally eject the card when you're handling the console.

Switch OLED
Image: HikakinTV

HikakinTV also shows off just how far the Switch OLED's kickstand can open up, which is impressive:

The Switch OLED Model launches next month. You can pre-order one now.