Image: Nintendo

This year's flying by at a terrifying pace, but 2022 still somehow feels forever away, no doubt thanks to the fact that Splatoon 3 launches next year and we can't wait to see it in the sticky squid-like flesh.

We're pretty thankful, then, that Nintendo has continued to drip-feed us new info on the game over on social media; yesterday we were treated to a look at 'Eeltail Alley' and that super cool Crab Tank weapon, and today we're learning all about Inkopolis' Museum d'Alfonsino and two special weapons.

Check it out:

The Museum d'Alfonsino

The Museum d'Alfonsino is situated in Inkopolis. A sophisticated transport network makes it possible to join Turf Wars there. This expansive museum houses countless works of contemporary art.

The Big Bubbler

The Big Bubbler is a modified version of the special weapon once used in Inkopolis. Fixing it in place has greatly boosted its output. For the Splatlands Inklings, bigger is definitely better. Protect your allies with this bubbly barrier covering a big area.


This special weapon transforms you into the stealthy warrior Zipcaster. Super stretchy and sticky tentacles let you zip around in all directions! After use, you return to the place where you transformed to keep your identity hidden. A warrior's path is a lonely one.

On a scale of one to 'Booyah!', how hyped are you for Splatoon 3? Fire away in the comments.