One of the more surprising reveals of the Nintendo Direct, but one that probably not many people particularly cared about, was the re-release of Disney Magical World 2 for Switch.

Originally, the game came out for 3DS as a sequel to the popular first game, also on 3DS, in 2016. It's basically a Disneyfied, pared-back version of Animal Crossing, in which you run a café and have to collect and craft materials to improve your menu, your outfits, and the decor. So, imagine Animal Crossing, but everyone in your town is a celebrity from your childhood, and there are light RPG elements, and that's basically Disney Magical World.

It's surprisingly good, especially if you have Disney-mad children, but it's not bad for adult fans of the life-sim genre either — we gave both the first and second game 8/10 reviews back in the day.

The re-release is known as Disney Magical World 2: Enchanted Edition, and it will include all the DLC from the original. The release date is simply "Holiday 2021" for now.

Did you play the Disney Magical World games when they came out? They're weirdly good, right? Tell us in the comments.