Launching next week on Switch is Death's Gambit: Afterlife, an expanded version of the original 2018 release that'll bring new content to Nintendo's platform.

The game has you playing as Death's right hand as you explore the unforgiving surroundings of Siradon. You'll need to use a variety of weapons and abilities to challenge the guardians of the realm, purging their souls and uncovering "the true price of immortality." Ooft.

Switch's Afterlife edition promises ten new levels, more than 30 weapons, five new bosses, mechanical overhauls, and more, meaning that it may well be worth a look for both newcomers and those who have already played the game before. Make sure to check out the trailer above, as well as this mighty feature list:

Key Features:
• Expansive World – Travel across a massive world of over 20 beautifully rendered levels. Meet quirky characters from all walks of life and uncover their secrets.
• Metroidvania – Unlock unique movement and combat upgrades that open and expand the world.
• Character Classes – Choose from 7 playable classes, pick from over 100 talents in the skill tree, and multi-class to tailor the combat style to your preference.
• Incredible Bosses – Hunt 20 towering monsters and other creatures of legend. Each boss is a test of skill, requiring unique strategies to defeat.
• Heroic Mode – Defeated bosses experience a second wind in an exponentially harder heroic mode accessible immediately after defeating them. Give yourself an all new challenge and master their new abilities.
• Non-Linear Exploration – Explore levels and bosses in a non-linear order, discover side areas with more secrets to unravel and enemies to purge.
• Character Customization – Outfit your character with over 30 weapons including bows, scythes, longswords, halberds and more. Customize how you wield them with a plethora of abilities and upgrades.
• Alternate Endings – Determine Sorun’s fate as you progress through the story by achieving certain goals and making key decisions along the way.
• Crafting – Scavenge, hunt and dismantle items you find throughout the world to create new and useful equipment for your struggle through Siradon.
• Evocative Score – Experience an intricately crafted score that sets the tone for Death's Gambit: Afterlife’s world with nearly 3 hours of evocative music composed by Kyle Hnedak.
• New Game Plus – Complete Afterlife to unlock New Game+ in brackets of three that allow you to set your own difficulty. Endure Sorun’s journey all over again with new enemy variants and modifiers unique to New Game+.

Our pals over at Push Square reviewed the original PS4 version back in 2018, awarding the game a score of seven out of ten. They said that "exploring its pixelated medieval world feels both refreshing and nostalgic," but criticised its platforming elements and noted a few frustrating bugs. You can read the full review right here.

Will you be giving Death's Gambit: Afterlife a go when it launches on Switch on 30th September? You can pre-order it now from the eShop for $17.99, down from its usual $19.99 price.