Image: PlatinumGames

Bayonetta 3 has been making headlines once again over the past week, and while PlatinumGames has said everything is fine on its end, there's a new development that's got some fans worried.

In an exchange on Twitter, the character's voice actor, Hellena Taylor, told one of her "lovely" followers that they might have to get used to the idea of Bayonetta without her "amazing" voice.

When asked what exactly she meant by this, she said she was "not at liberty to say". Another fan said they couldn't wait to see her return, and she replied with the following tweet mentioning how she's "bound by a confidentiality clause".

Many others seem to think there's nothing to worry about if she's not able to elaborate (via r/Bayonetta):

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u/LucaYo : "VAs usually will just say if they haven’t been contacted. The fact that she is bound by a confidentiality agreement kinda implies she IS returning for Bayo 3? Maybe she is just messing around in other replies."

Hellena is known for voicing Bayonetta in the first two games, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and also in the animated movie Bayonetta: Bloody Fate.

While nobody is entirely sure what her tweet means, it wouldn't be the first time we've seen a voice actor share something like this on social media. We've also seen past cases, such as Sonic's voice actor - who announced his time as the blue blur had come to an end only to reveal months later he would be returning to the role.

Do you think there's anything to be worried about here? Leave your own thoughts and theories down below.