Switch No More Heroes 3

No More Heroes III is now available on Nintendo Switch, putting an end to an eleven-year wait between main series entries, and also spelling the end for the series itself. For now, at least.

Goichi 'Suda51' Suda, who's served as the series' creator and director ever since the original No More Heroes on Wii, has taken to social media to bid farewell to the games and to protagonist, Travis Touchdown. With No More Heroes III now out in the wild, Suda says, "Goodbye, Travis. Goodbye, No More Heroes. Goodbye, fleeting moments and days. Farewell, to all Travis Touchdowns everywhere!"

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That doesn't mean to say that the No More Heroes series is over – speaking with GameXplain, the director has previously explained that he might revisit the franchise after another decade has passed – but with the decision to release new games resting on the shoulders of external publishers, rather than Suda's Grasshopper Manufacture studio, you just never know.

"I’m able to take a rest and Travis is also able to take a rest," Suda explains. "The team and I feel that the dude’s tired, spending the past five years in two different games. Which is why we probably wouldn’t give him another game for at least 10 years, assuming Grasshopper would make it."

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