Dead By Daylight Stranger Things
Image: Netflix / Behaviour Interactive

Behaviour Interactive has posted an announcement on the Dead By Daylight website and its official Twitter account that all Stranger Things-related DLC for their hit survival horror game will become unavailable to purchase from 17th November 2021.

According to the post, players who already own the Stranger Things content will still have access to their purchases and, in the run up to that 17th November date, a blow out sale — which begins tomorrow (18th August) — will give any interested parties a chance to pick up in-game characters and cosmetics from the Netflix show for 50% off.

The official Stranger Things tie-in launched back in 2019 and introduced two new survivors, Steve Harrington and Nancy Wheeler (with Jonathan Byers later added as a 'skin' option for Steve), a new killer in the form of The Demogorgon, as well as the Hawkins National Laboratory Underground Complex map. According to Behaviour Interactive all of the characters and cosmetics will remain for those who buy them but that Underground Complex map will, sadly, be removed from rotation permanently.

No official reason has been given for the ending of such a popular crossover although it does seem as though licencing issues are most likely the culprit. Check out the trailer at the bottom of the page for a reminder of what's moving on to The Upside Down come November.

In slightly better news for fans of Dead By Daylight, the removal of such a popular tie-in may be salved somewhat by the revelation that Behaviour Interactive seems to be teasing some incoming Hellraiser-themed DLC. As reported by Polygon, the developer has been busy posting cryptic clues and a teaser video on their YouTube and social media that indicate the legendary Pinhead himself could be on his way to the game. The puzzle box may well have been opened! This will join existing Dead By Daylight crossover properties, including Silent Hill content.

Are you sad to see the Stranger Things collaboration come to an end? Will you be picking up any characters or cosmetics in the sale and how do you feel about Pinhead potentially arriving in the game? Let us know in the comments!

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