Cyber Protocol
You can pick up Cyber Protocol for just nine cents!

Publisher RedDeerGames is hosting a new summer sale on the Nintendo Switch eShop, drastically reducing the prices of its games for a limited time.

From today until 26th August, you can get all the games listed below at fantastic prices. To see these offers appear on the eShop, you'll need to already own one game from RedDeerGames' library – the good news is that you can already download one of these (Comic Coloring Book) for free, meaning you can get all of the deals without paying a single penny.

Remember, you'll need to own one of RedDeerGames' titles before these savings appear on the eShop!

At the very least, downloading Comic Coloring Book for free and then Cyber Protocol for just nine cents seems like a no-brainer to us, but let us know which games you're thinking of trying with a comment below.