Garden Story

People have very, very strong feelings about the icons that appear on the Nintendo Switch dashboard. Most icons are surprisingly busy, with titles displayed prominently, and it turns out that's exactly what people want — and yet, every now and again, a game will release with the kind of icon you'd expect for a phone game: simple, large art, with no title. They're not bad, but they look weird next to all the other icons.

It seems like the issue is in Nintendo's backend — the developer of farming sim Littlewood, Sean Young, had a similar problem, which he blamed on not knowing what the "icon" was for:

Garden Story, a cutesy RPG/life-sim that we reviewed recently, is the latest to suffer from the Icon Issue, and you may have noticed it on your own home screen — where's the title? How are we supposed to know which pixel art RPG with a grape protagonist this is?!

Garden Story

But the game is finally being patched, with version 1.0.6 including all patches that have already been released for the game on PC.

Here's what the patch includes, going off the fixes on Steam:

  • Added collectible to unlock final memory slot
  • Fixed soft lock where endgame sequence would not fire
  • Fixed soft lock where Concord could perish while exiting a dungeon
  • Fixed soft lock where Concord could get trapped in Ollie's shop
  • Fixed soft lock where Rapa would not address Concord when arriving in Autumn Town at night
  • Fixed bug where the player could plant seeds without owning them
  • Fixed various visual bugs
  • Reenabled missing book in Summer Bar library
  • Various spelling and wording adjustments
  • Created additional protections for the issue blocking some players from triggering the end game sequence
  • Unobtainable items have been removed, enabling Library and Dowsing Rod upgrade completion.
  • Fixed bug where Pagu's favour could override the dowsing rod quest step
  • Fixed bug where favour completion could clear building plots
  • Fixed bug where roll boots could interrupt dowsing minigames
  • Fixed various visual bugs
  • Fixed Waterlog puzzle gate collisions
  • Added consistency to "Bloom Bank" area name
  • Minor audio adjustments
  • Fixed sequence break and soft lock where Concord could avoid bridge repair in the Rana tutorial
  • Fixed sequence break where Concord could slip past the Waterlog guards
  • Added visual indicator for where to trigger endgame sequence. Currently exploring other possible sequence issues in this area
  • Fixed soft lock where Concord could get trapped in the Mists
  • Added item names to Village Storage Box
  • Cube Coast is now labelled properly on the map
  • Updated credits

That's a lot of fixes! In our review, we mentioned that we had a crash during the final boss fight which made it impossible to finish the game — we'll have to test 1.0.6 to see if it fixes that bug.

Oh, but most importantly... here's the new icon:

Garden Story

Are you happy to see these bug fixes, or is it all about that improved icon? Let us know in the comments!