Monster Hunter Rise has been steadily serving up some fun free updates, including Capcom Collab additions that bring other popular IP into the game - last time we had Amaterasu from Okami. This time we get a bit of a blast from the past, as once again we're getting Monster Hunter x Street Fighter.

As you can see in the rather cool reveal trailer above, this time it's a layered armour for your hunter to become Akuma, the famous fighting villain. When you don't have a weapon equipped you can do some neat moves to take it to the monsters old school - just uppercut 'em in the face. [Update: Thanks to the comments we've been told this is the layered armour hiding a normal Sword & Shield combo, which this writer didn't realise because, well, I never use S&S. It still looks cool though...]

It arrives as an Event Quest reward later this week, on 27th August, with Capcom Collab 4 and 5 still due this Fall / Autumn as more free goodies. There'll also be another batch of paid cosmetics dropping the day before, on 26th August.

So, which monsters do you plan to take on as Akuma?