Although Goku is coming to the Nintendo Switch in a new game this September, Bandai Namco is still showing support for the 2018 release Dragon Ball FighterZ.

It's just rolled out Version 1.28 and this "absolutely massive" patch (in the words of DBFZ ambassador and host @zDamascus) has got the community rather excited.

Pro Esports fighter ApologyMan has also noted how significant this update is:

"I've experienced every Dragon Ball Fighters patch from beginning to end... when I saw these patch notes, I was like what is happening, it's absolutely crazy... you guys gotta see it for yourself."

This latest update comes in at around 3GB on other platforms, but it's unclear at this stage just how big it is on Switch. It follows on from Version 1.27, which was released earlier this year in January.

You can get the rundown on these patch notes in a replay of the official Twitch broadcast (above). There are fighter adjustments and more. Here's a round-up of the new mechanics, courtesy of EventHubs:

Dragon Ball FighterZ New Mechanics - 10th August 2021

  • Air Guard Cancel: Guard Cancels can now be performed in the air for the same cost as ground usage.
  • Guard Cancel Vanish: By spending two bars of meter, players can use a Vanish out of Guard Cancels. No assists or follow-ups can be performed after the hit.
  • Z Change: Z Change can be performed after any special with no meter cost.
  • Float Status: Any attack that ends in the air grants characters the Float Status for more mixup and combo options.
  • Ki Charge: Now deflects Ki Blasts on frame 1 and can be performed after blocking a Ki Blast.
  • Dragon Rush: Can be performed during a Ki Charge by pressing medium attack.
  • Sparking Blast: Can no longer run out during combos.
  • Z Assist: Chip Damage removed from some assists.
  • Z Assist Type C: Lengthened cooldown time between uses.
  • EX Specials: Meter increase scaling now only dependent on time and not the opponent's status. Lengthened tine during which Ki Gauge increase scaling applies.
  • High Jumps: New shortcut implemented by holding unique attack button while jumping.
  • Super Attack Damage Scaling: Reduced damage scaling for attacks used after Supers excluding Ultimate Z Changes (DHC).
  • Jumping Heavy: Opponent is now knocked forward when there is a camera motion. Fixed Dragon Ball glitch.
  • Crouching Heavy (2H): Some characters have more active frames. Lengthened time for air invincibility.
  • Ki Blast Deflect: When any attack deflects a Ki Blast, other moves can be performed like with Super Dash and Z Reflect.

You can see some of these changes in action over on Bandai Namco's Esports Twitter account.

During the same live stream, Bandai Namco also revealed the Dragon Ball FighterZ World Championship - a worldwide event, to find out who is the best competitive player.

Will you be booting up Dragon Ball FighterZ on Nintendo Switch to try out this new patch? Tell us down below.

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