Best Month Ever.JPG
Image: Warsaw Film School / Klabater SA

The Switch has proven to be a good home for a number of 'point and click' games, albeit it's more 'point and tap' or dragging a cursor around with the stick. Either way, lounging in a comfortable spot with the portable Switch makes it ideal for working through stories and puzzles. Perhaps, then, Best Month Ever could be one to watch.

It's being developed by a team at Warsaw Film School Video Game & Film Production Studio, with publishing by Klabater SA. The story sets up a month-long road trip for a single mother and her son, as you can see below.

Life is hard for Louise as a single mom, struggling to make ends meet. But things can always get worse, and after being diagnosed with a terminal illness that leaves her with one month to live, the clock is ticking for her to raise her son. But how do you explain that to an 8-year old kid? Mitch is picking up things fast - like a duckling, he observes his mother and imitates her behavior - but time is running out and Louise has to think carefully about making the right decisions and setting a good example for Mitch to follow. Together, they hit the road to take back the time that was stolen from them and live a lifetime as mother and son in 4 short weeks...

This intense family trip takes place during a groovy 60s era. Mother and son are thrown into both dangerous and funny situations, all of which impact their relationship and future. Their intimate tale plays out against the backdrop of a United States torn apart by political tensions and divided by brutal social inequality.

You will learn about the facts and decisions from the past in flashbacks and through memories of the grown-up Mitch - the narration constantly switches between the “past” (the 60s) and the “present” (the 70s). Finally, we jump back in time to decide what choices Louise made and how they affected the future of the two. Players’ decisions will also help shape a unique image of her as to what kind of person she was.

Player decisions will be key, as they'll contribute to Mitch's qualities of 'Righteousness, Confidence, and Relations'. Your actions will lead to different outcomes, too, so combining this with that '60s / '70s setting could be quite interesting.

There's no current release schedule but it does say 'coming soon' on the game's Steam page, so we'll keep an eye out for updates.